Aquascape Arkansas 5 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*940mm) -
Aquascape Arkansas 5 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*940mm) -
Aquascape Arkansas 5 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*940mm) -
Aquascape Arkansas 5 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*940mm) -
Aquascape Arkansas 5 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*940mm) -

Aquascape Arkansas 5 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*940mm)

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The Aquascape arkansas spa is one of our best seller in the portable high-end spa range. Measures 2200x2200x940 and holding up to 1480 liters of water. This consists of 4 seats and 1 lounger, the new multi-choice seating configuration has 44 jets strategically placed to provide maximum hydrotherapy to every seat.

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Shell Material:Self-supporting & durable shell, Impact Resistant , two times stronger than conventional fiberglass shells,A large variety of acrylic colors and textures.Vacuum molded of high-quality.

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Exterior Skirting Material:Eco-Smart,Synthetic Cabinet Skirting Material,Durable Maintenance Free Cabinet,Molded, UV protected

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Insulation Material: Polyurethane, high density sprayed perimeter Heat Lock

Hot tub / Spa /Jacuzzi Jets:Interchangeable Stainless steel jets, Separate control for each; Neck and shoulder jets on most models,Volume System designed to be arthritis friendly,Therapy Jets w/ Water & Air Volume Controls,Massage in motion feature with the Dynamic Massage Sequencer.

Main components

  • Acrylic tub with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Stainless steel stand
  • Plastic skirt panel
  • For 5 person:4 Seats+1 Lounger
  • Standard computer control panel
  • 3Kw heater
  • Ozone with ozone mixer
  • Air blower+10pcs air jets with Aromatherapy function
  • 1X2Hp & 1X3Hp massage pump
  • 1X0.5Hp circulation pump
  • Total 50 jets: 2pc 4" jets, 13pcs 3" jets, 6pcs 2.5" jets, 19pcs 2" jets,10pcs air jets
  • 1set floating filter
  • 1pc underwater LED light
  • 3 Pillows
  • Fiberglass base tray + Spa Bag
  • Drainer
  • Capacity:1480L (Approx)
  • dry weight:350kg(approx)
  • filled weight:1950kg(approx)
  • Size:2200*2200*940mm



  1. High density spa Insulation layer and skirt panel insulation
  2. Lockable spa thermo cover
  3. Change to use Stainless steel jet
  4. Change to use USA balboa
  5. Rising Dragon brand LED lights (17pcs or more)
  6. Rising Dragon brand spa cover lifter
  7. DVD player with 2 cabinet speakers
  8. DVD player with 2 pop-up speakers
  9. Plastic stair
  10. Change to use Gecko system


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