Competition Pools / Olympic Size Pools

A competition pool is quite simply, a fast pool.

Pools & Ponds Philippines custom designs and our systems eliminate waves and surge, creating the neutral pool environment essential for competitive swimming.

  • State-of-the-art perimeter recirculation systems (pool gutters) eliminate turbulence that slow swimmers down.
  • Moving bulkheads designed for complete flow-through wave absorption to prevent wave rebound.
  • Gutter and bulkhead surfaces finished with safe, slip-resistant GPM grating.stainless steel competition pool with bulkhead


Our swimming pools foster more record-breaking swimmers because they are the perfect competition environment, certified to all current USA Swimming, FINA, NCAA, YMCA and NAHSA standards.

Our industry-standard pools last through decades of high activity with little to no maintenance. Competition pools include the standard 25-yard, 25-meter and 50-meter pools in configurations suitable for all levels of competition and training, including Olympic swimming.

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Our competition pools are engineered, watertight, low-maintenance and are designed with the latest technology. Call us now for a free consulting on 0927-670-3551 / 0917-140-8640 or email us at