Aquascape Garrett 6 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*930mm)
Aquascape Garrett 6 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*930mm)

Aquascape Garrett 6 Seater Jacuzzi (Size:2200*2200*930mm)

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Model Descriptions:

1 X Acrylic shell with fiberglass reinforcement
2 X 2HP High performance massage pump 
1 X 0.5HP Circulation pump
5 X seats,1 X loungers  
1 X 3Kw heater
1 X 5" underwater LED light
1 X Ozone with ozone mixer
1 X Standard computer control panel
1 X Synthetic cabinet 
1 X Drain,1 X Drain valve
1X Water divertors,2 X air regulators 
1 X Filter with cartridge
45 X SS water jets:4X5" jets,7X3.5"jets,16X2.5" jets ,18X1" jets, 
3 X Pillows
1 X  Suport frame
5 X Maintainance gate valves for pumps
1 X Fiberglass base 

Additional options, addtional cost
Extra options with extra price
1 X Lockable spa thermo cover
1 X High density foam insulation on the shell
1 X 2 steps plastic stair
1 X 15W9000hrs Plastic UV disinfector 
Change to use Canada Gecko system
1 X blutooth with 2 cabinet speakers
Change to use USA balboa system


Capacity:1280L (Approx)
dry weight:380kg(approx)
filled weight:1660kg(approx)

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